Cotton Picker Grease

Cotton Picker Grease is a smooth textured, corrosion preventive grease manufactured with a special low viscosity, low pour point base oil with a lithium thickener, as well as rust and oxidation inhibitors. It is recommended for industrial and agricultural applications calling for a low consistency product with low operating temperature properties. Cotton Picker Grease meets or exceeds the requirements for John Deere JDN 305 and JDN 360 specifications for cotton picker spindle lubricants. It is widely used in gear boxes on bush hog type cutters and some gear cases on riding lawn mowers.

  • Excellent pumpability and high film strength.
  •  Low co-efficient of friction, resulting in less stress on the power train parts.
  •  Excellent protection against rust, oxidation and wear assisting trouble-free operation throught the harvesting season.
  •  Provides very economic grease usage rate.

Please note that we currently only carry Cotton Picker Grease in Queensland.

180Kg Drums, 20Kg Pails, Carton of 20 450gsm Cartridges

Appearance Green
NLGI Grade 00
Thickener Type Lithium
Penetration Worked At 25°C 400 Min – 430 Max
Free Alkali % Lithium Hydroxide 0.02 – 0.10
Water, % Max Nil
Base Oil Paraffinic and Napthenic
Viscosity At 40°C, cSt 32
Viscosity At 100°C, cSt 5.1
Pour Point °C -9
Flash Point °C 210
NOTE: Due to continual product research and development, the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

Values stated are average values only, and may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.