Expression of Interest

The Oilman Pty Ltd commenced business in 1996, and in 2007 it became The Oilman Group Pty Ltd under the ownership of the Craig Family Trust, and run and Managed by David Craig.

David is turning 76 next birthday and has decided it probably time to retire, SO with great regret The Oilman Group will be looking a for a new owner.

The Oilman Group has around 4,500 loyal customers it currently services, most of our customers are end user’s and 90% are Rural, The Oilman services South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria, and Northern Territory.

The Oilman Group can be run with a minimum of staff, or could be a great additional income for an existing business, there is plenty of scope to increase income.

The Oilman Group is licenced and accredited by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and holds API licence No 3061.

The Oilman Group owns it’s on brand “OCOMA” which Trade Marked as “OILMAN” and The Oilman Logo.

Over the Covid restrictions The Oilman group has traded on and serviced all of it’s customers where possible, turnover for each year has been around $1.6 million, working on a very healthy profit margin.

The Oilman Group has an excellent and reliable supply chain, with quality and cost effective product always to the forfront.

The Oilman Group has a broad spectrum of customers from the smallest to large corporate indentities.

Should you be intersted in a business that can standlone or add customers to your current business, please contact David Craig for further Confidential Information.